Ostend net® for windbreak applications

A properly installed Ostend net windbreak can reduce the velocity off the wind by up to 50%. Exhaustive trails have been carried out in wind tunnels and by way of field tests in conjunction with a Belgium University and the Dutch Institute for Applied Scientific Research.

A favorable climate is created down wind of the windbreak in the form of more even temperature and less crop exposure to the wind "chill factor". Other advantages in having an Ostend net windbreak are increased maintenance of soil moisture, reduction of frost damage to plants, natural windbreaks can be planted and will establish quicker due to the instant protection afforded by the Ostend net; insect damage to crops is reduced because working environment is created for the workforce. Materials used and method of construction of the windbreak is very important as the structure can be subjected to high loadings.

Our experience in the design of windbreaks is available to all our clients.

Up to 10-15 times the height of the Ostend net windbreak can be protected downwind.
Beyond that distance it is normally necessary to install another windbreak as the wind gradually returns to its original speed although free from major turbulence.

Ostend net is easy to maintain it does not rot or fade and is U.V. stabilized. Our Black or Standard Green blend well in most landscapes.