More technical applications for Ostend net®

An example:
an waste-disposal plant,
Thousands of tons of waste per day of waste per day are delivered, sorted and treated. Some of the waste is for processing into compost. The compost, made up of tiny particles of organic material, is heaped in an outdoor storage area awaiting transport and further treatment. These storage grounds have to be fenced in, otherwise the waste can be blown away. A fine mesh Ostend net was chosen; an effective method for an unspoiled environment.

other examples:
Ostend net for central reservation anti dazzle screen.
Ostend net for tennis surround, for wind-reduction, longer use the court during the season, less maintenance work, better ball visibility.
Ostend net for the boarding around ice-rinks

but also
Ostend net for fencing around private and industrial grounds.
Masks the interior, traps dust and seed, and can be printed with corporate logos and lettering if required.