Ostend net® for shading applications

Ostend net shade netting creates a micro climate underneath it when installed in the form of a "shade house" and can have the effect of razing ground temperatures. Soils are prevented from drying out due to lower temperatures and consequently less irrigation is required a significant cast saving. Other advantages include crop protection from birds; violent rain, wind and hail storms.

Ostend net is of practical use in terms of shade houses and tunnels and these can be constructed from steel or timber. The added advantage of the built in eyelet system enables a meat and sturdy construction to be made.

Shade percentages up to 85% can be obtained from the many net constructions we have developed. Each roll of shade netting is clearly marked as to percentage shade rendered.

Many pleasing to the eye and functional shade houses and tunnels have been installed in different parts of the world using Ostend net. The cultivation of trees, exotic plants, flowers and vegetables as well as public garden centre's.