The manufacturing process

"Raschel" knitting technique

Raschel machine

Ostend net is manufactured by "raschel" knitting technique. Thousands of filaments are brought together and knitted to form a highly stable and durable material to resist the action of the elements. A host of different net constructions can be produced, from ultra fine mesh to various shapes of large open mesh netting.

Carbon black, the ultimate in Ultra Violet (U.V.) light stabilizer, is used to colorize our Black netting with the very latest in compound U.V. stabilizers for other colors to achieve maximum working life.

Customer Advice

Tension wire in net

as netting specialist we at Ostend Netting do not only rely on one standard range of products, our highly experienced staff in available to advise clients in terms of construction methods and adaptations of products to suit many applications. Contractors to erect Ostend net can often be recommended to clients to carry out the necessary constructions.

Button holes strips

Besides the applications in de agricultural sector Ostend net has a widespread of applications in other sectors such as anti dazzle scenes on highways, tennis court and ice rink surround netting, environmental dust collectors and sand barriers; safety fencing, building scaffolding netting to name but few.